Square One (Part 1) The Void (Part 2) Falling (Part 3) Generations (Part 4) Circles (Part 5) Order out of Chaos

A five part epic track landing soon.

Square One interprets modern day conflicts from a perspective of the past and the future…

“It’s not the falling down, it’s staying down that leaves you with regrets.”

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Square One (Part 1) The Void

Square One (Part 1) The Void 

Someones not a boy or a girl
A whisper from another realm
Someone has to make a choice
from the corner of their room and out into the void

Someones not of this earth
A soldier from a future world
Someone has a need to know
What lies beyond the green green grass of home.

Sit back and watch while the world outside your window turns
Sit back And watch while the world outside your window burns

You’ve got to be crazy
show it doesn’t hurt
When you’re all alone, when you’re almost beat
You’ve got to be able to avoid so many things
With your eyes closed

Standing at square one
The price you pay is love
Standing at square one
When all I feel is numb.

Square One (Part 2) Falling

Square One (Part 2) Falling 

High flying paper bag
Where did all the super-heroes go
Remembering the things we had
holding on to everything we know
It’s no good with your head in your hands
There’s no where for the tormented soul
Dancing like you don’t give a damn
Waiting for the end of the show

Every time I think I’ve found it… falling like gravity
Every time I think about it… I’m exorcising memories
Every time I think I’ve found it… falling like gravity
And every time I think about it… there’s another mystery

I go backwards I go forwards
Can you handle it is it fake
Can you take this drive through world
Can you handle it will you break
I go backwards I go forwards

Flowers they need rain
Crying over things that you’ve done
There is no reason to explain
Don’t ever place your faith in love
It’s so true that this world won’t change
Summarising things that will come
Sometimes you just can’t walk away
Heading for the shade of the sun

Falling like a big tree
Falling like the enemy
Falling where the roads meet
Falling into deep sleep
Falling like a big tree
Falling like the enemy
Falling like gravity
Falling into deep sleep

Cut out in cardboard and leant up against the wall
Every time you look around somebody falls

Square One (Part 3) Generations

Square One (Part 3) Generations 

Fear not young man coz the world is on your shoulders
You’ve seen yourself how you’ve never been seen
Sweep all before you with this new generation
Continue from square one and search for a reason to dream

Fear not for love when it hurts tears make you stronger
You’ve been to worlds where they never have been
I’ll watch from the seats as each scene is replaying
These are the secrets to life on earth, your reason to be…

Wireless sounds in my head
The voices have stopped making sense
I’m connected to all that is left
Just when the lines went dead

Some say I am going nowhere
Some say I just don’t care
Some say there’s something in the air
Some of us are absolutely bare.

Square One

Nothing else to say to you... Goodbye girl. Nothing you can say or do... Goodbye girl. Nothing that would make me wanna hold on.

Finishing Line

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Finishing Line embarks on a journey into the darkness of a philosophical underworld, stepping on everything from truths protective layers to the web of lies and deceit that insulate and protect us from reality.

Finishing Line is a retronic expression of what could have been and what could be. Question everything, believe nothing. You aint even here.

See you at the Finish Line.