False Flag



Will someone read to me a bedtime story
Something that’ll lift me up out of the way
Hold up the light before you call me
And hold me tight and I’ll be brave

Are you going to ride the wild, wild horses?
Are you going to make like everything is coming up roses?
Are you going to bring… bring the light of day?

Have you ever wondered whether there will be time enough
Ever had to say you’re sorry when you’re only having fun?
All of the creature’s can show love,
Except for all the creatures shrouded in darkness and hidden from us.

I’ve been thinking about the events on 9/11
Is it freedom to those that we elect to govern?

So who did conceive of the official story?
Like all of my dreams were left on parade
So open your eyes before you adore me
For that was the choice that most of us made

Have you even wondered whether there will be justice done?
Ever had to say you’re sorry ’cause the man has a gun?
If only our species could show love
And attempted to see this without all the sadness that’s given to us

Fly another false flag

The Last Stealth Bomber



I curse the things we do
Got to be worth something to you
No one loves you like I do
Much more than life
Got to be wiser what you choose
Got to be smarter than you prove
Nothing hurts more than truth
Other than lies

When I was a child I saw a man walking on the moon
Was it for hours a minute or only seconds
Now I see whats left for me as I awaken all too soon
Was it for months a week or only days

I see a shape up in the sky it’s flying high and on my skin…
I feel the sun…
Will we just wave and look away and then it’s done
When the last stealth bomber comes…

It hurts the things we do
Got to be the first day back at school
Wish I could see this perfect view
For all of man kind
Got to be right to close the deal
With all of this anger that I feel
The injustice that is real
Plays on my mind

I want to scream I want to cry, can’t believe you wonder why…
We can’t find the perfect day