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Talking Heads

TALKING HEADS If you love this place called earth For all your worth you don’t come first And those enabled by what they’ve heard Come on speak up let’s change this world The Duchess is on the news The system is being abused Our government is excused While The Duchess is on the news Talk […]

Don’t Cry

DON’T CRY Don’t ask me what you know is true I can read you like a menu No need to tell me ’cause I know it’s cruel I thought about it and I never knew Almost made it twisted haven’t you I thought about it and then it blew So don’t ask me if I’ll […]


  BURN All of the things we see, all of the things we do Brings us closer to… All of the things we need, all of those things indeed Are sitting next to you. Meanwhile I’m walking down the same old one way street… I see myself I’m talking to myself in disbelief. I can […]

False Flag

  FALSE FLAG Will someone read to me a bedtime story Something that’ll lift me up out of the way Hold up the light before you call me And hold me tight and I’ll be brave Are you going to ride the wild, wild horses? Are you going to make like everything is coming up […]

The Last Stealth Bomber

  THE LAST STEALTH BOMBER I curse the things we do Got to be worth something to you No one loves you like I do Much more than life Got to be wiser what you choose Got to be smarter than you prove Nothing hurts more than truth Other than lies When I was a […]