Who Killed Princess Diana – David Icke and Shaun Attwood

David and Shaun discuss the death of Princess Diana and the strange events in the aftermath


Source: Who Killed Princess Diana? – David Icke Talks To Shaun Attwood


ShadowGate | Millie Weaver

YouTube said this video was deleted because of hate speech.

Millie Weaver and her husband were arrested as they were releasing this documentary revealing the TREASON of the Obama administration.


Source: ShadowGate -video Millie Weaver and husband arrested!


The Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy


The murder of Seth Rich over the leaking of DNC emails remains a frustrating unclosed case.
This documentary brings forth some of the overwhelming evidence of Democrat collusion and involvement.
Missing from this doc is anything about Seths time in Hospital and also missing is also the Podesta email revelation.

UPDATE Jack Burkman researching the Seth Rich murder recently had an attempt on his life. He had a very lucky escape. The Clintons never give up…

Source: The Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy – FULL DOCUMENTARY


The WWI Conspiracy | James Corbett

What was World War One about? How did it start? Who won? And what did they win? This 3 part presentation by James Corbett is the story of WWI that you didn’t read in the history books. This is The WWI Conspiracy.


Source: The WWI Conspiracy


Mao And The Cultural Revolution

A low quality copy pf a quality documentary. Apologies, but it’s worth the sufferance.

Documentary with author Philip Short. Chairman Mao’s Bloody Revolution. The Cultural Revolution and the Destruction Of China.


Source: Chairman Mao Documentary The Cultural Revolution Destruction Of China – YouTube


John Titor – The Time Traveller From 2036

John Titor’s first message claiming he was a time traveller was posted online in late 2000.

Titor has become something of an online legend. Some consider Titor to be nothing more than the construct of a practical joker, who was able to deceive a naive, young online culture with a sophisticated persona. Yet, many believe his story is genuine, and that he is indeed a time traveller from 2036.


Source: John Titor: The “Time Traveller” From 2036 | Documentary – YouTube


Bilderberg Group – Trilateral Commission – Freemasonry

The biggest Secret about Secret Societies is that they are all connected.



Source: BILDERBERG Group – TRILATERAL Commission – Freemasonry INITIATION


The Light Bulb Conspiracy

The Light Bulb Conspiracy uncovers how planned obsolescence has shaped our lives and economy since the turn of the century.


Source: The Light Bulb Conspiracy (Documentary) HD


Ghislaine Maxwell’s TERRAMAR PROJECT | Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1]

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Terramar Project | Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1] and the globalist cabal of paedophiles.


Source: Ghislaine Maxwell’s TERRAMAR PROJECT | Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1]

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