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The Band Banned by Twitter


Imagine this scenario…


I magine you’ve spent 8 years pouring everything into a body of work that was your insight into the  ‘intellectual breakdown western culture’. A musical and satirical perspective – viewed through a prism of contempt – of the most transformative period in modern political history. Then suddenly one day all that disappeared into the ether. The result of a decision made by a moron employed by some narcissistic incel in silicon valley.


So my fellow nomads, the message I non-received from twitter was basically,  be gone thought criminal..

Your words. 

Your music. 

Your thoughts. 

Your concepts. 

Your insights into your art.  

Your freedom to think and say what is ostensible. 



Without recourse or appeal. Not only you, but everyone associated with you. 

Wiped from the record. 

Removed from the chain.



Who could have done such a terrible thing to warrant such ostracisation?

What menace to decent thought?

Are they many?

Who are these purveyors of all that is heinous and un-allowed? 

Well, let me introduce you to the band.

Erin, Rob, Mike and me, Robo.

We are Protective Fences the band simultaneously wiped from the devil’s arsehole that is Twitter…

So as we wave goodbye to our many thousands of followers on twitter.


We are  still out there, you can find us on soundcloud [4 accounts featuring different tracks] Telegram, Parler, instagram and youtube.




SEE YOU SOON Blasphemers.


Extended Probability.

A soundtrack to the events of our time.



Question everything.

Protective Fences




12 Months that Shook the World

The indoctrinated blockheads look on…


“…most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World


I remember the early evening of the 23rd of June 2016 like it was yesterday. It was a typical British summer day, overcast and raining. I’d just cast a vote in the first meaningful election of my lifetime. A vote where everyone’s vote counted for once.

I felt good.

I felt confident.

Confident that there were enough of us to shock the EU and probably the world, there we were, the meat grinding through the globalist machine, the fodder, led by a bunch of cock sure treacherous Etonians, who were the well rewarded servants of an all powerful globalist elite hell bent on world domination.

Everything was going swimmingly for them, they had the super structure – the EU parliament with its Washington like district called Brussels (complete with private shopping center). They had the infrastructure – the all powerful European courts. They had control of the money – which payed for their lavish lifestyles, healthcare programs and pensions for life. They had gained all this at the expense of the ever struggling worker. The one thing they didn’t have though, was full control over the people who had seen their living standards decline during one calamitous mistake after another. They also never had an Army, but they did have an ever more armed and militarized police force.

Their plan was, I believe, to destroy nationalism  and the nation state with rapid mass immigration, thus enabling the European identity to be brainwashed into an ever fearful and subservient public. Post banking crash, they were using a controlled media and an EU wide school curriculum with a carefully narrated concept of nothingness to guarantee their future. There was also one other thing they didn’t pay enough attention to and that was the human instinct for impending doom. That feeling an animal gets as its walking into the abattoir.

Tick Tock

So as those who were born to rule were sipping champagne in 10 and 11 Downing Street and patting each other on the back in Brussels and Berlin, the results started to come in…

Defiance And Sabotage

Nothing to worry about, but it was closer than expected screamed the BBC exit poll. The early talk was of how we would all now just get on with our lives and we’d be remaining in Europe.

Already nicely paced into the evening with a fridge full of cold Stella’s, I watched the most monumental act of defiance in a generation unfold before my eyes and it was glorious. It was invigorating. It was the first sign since 9/11 that the world had been jolted back on course. And by god was I now ready to consume more alcohol.

Around 9am the following morning it began to sink in. (I’d done that thing where you drink yourself sober) Blimey!!! We’d done it… the result was decisive. I felt we had reached a point of no turning back!

There would be obvious and not so obvious attempts at deception. Even at the point of victory,  you sensed, even anticipated some political treachery. Expected even more Liberal nonsense from an ever more treasonous state TV broadcaster, and in true Pravda style the BBC weren’t wasting any time. They pretty much went straight into ‘Operation Sabotage Brexit’ from day 3 onwards [day 1 and 2 were reserved purely for crying and hugging] and essentially began phase 1 of the Fake News era.

Left, Right, Left, Right, Left…

Since that great day we’ve seen the end of Blairism with Cameron and Osborne gone. Jeremy Corbyn twice elected leader of the Labour party under a banner of Marxism and Communism. We’ve also had the election of Donald J Trump and phase 2 of the Fake News madness kick off.

It’s been mad, we’ve looked on in bemusement as Liberals all over the western hemisphere have gone into a kind of zombie like trance where they’re all repeating the same things and constantly crying. We’ve then watched on as the EU briefly fought back with wins in Holland and France, only to have those small victories thrown back in their face with the “defiance” of Poland and Hungary. We’ve also seen the Paris climate accord get washed away with a wave of a small hand and we’ll soon see the British contribution to the EU budget going down the same plughole. Ha ha, the Germans could now be financing climate change and Europe pretty much on their own.

The European future looks bleak, they already have almost daily/weekly terror attacks and youth unemployment at record levels. Now they have to get their heads around the reemergence of a new nationalistic, classically Liberal, Right wing – a concept that terrifies Neo-Liberals far more than ISIS or Islamic terrorism does.

It gets even better, a new problem has now emerged; the old Marxist Left is back on the political spectrum and represents yet another threat to the elites merry money-go-round. Thanks to Theresa May’s almighty cock up and the loss of her workable majority, Corbyn is like the new kid on the block and he looks well up for a bit of Marxist Anarchy in the UK. Patriots [and there are many] weren’t really inspired by May, as they were by Trump in America and that’s why many failed to come out for her in the election. She didn’t actually seem to really understand her base or the eagerness of many Brits for a decisive leader and a visionary Brexit. Have we ever needed a “Churchillian’ type character more than we do now?

There are positives of course. As I see it, British politics just got very interesting again. A real battle of ideals could now emerge to challenge everything. The Communist/Marxist, free shit for everyone may not last, but it will be fun in a perverse way. And while there are plenty of possibilities and potential outcomes, what we do know is, the wild eyed Left now have a party that truly represents them and Brexiteers don’t. The Tories are basically a mish-mash of Centrists, Blairites, Liberals and a few aging Thatcherites. Liberals – who are they? And sadly even UKIP can’t represent the Leave vote adequately anymore either, not without Nigel Farage at the helm and not unless someone dangerous and Trump like can re-invigorate them. Anne Marie Waters perhaps? Personally I doubt it. I think that would take the kind of steel balls UKIP members probably don’t have. There’s a challenge!!! Join up and vote, that’s how Corbyn did it.

A nation without an ideology is lost. A nation with a false ideology is a danger to herself and to her neighbours.”

Ivan Menzies.

Free shit and Philanthropy

There are things it’s hard to dislike about Corbyn, his warmth compared to the cold hearted Tories and the fact that he listens to his voters, which he definitely does. I personally like the way he’s been magnanimous enough to sit on the opposition benches even though he won the election… very impressive!

Free education should be how it is, we are definitely a rich enough country. I’d also suggest that all children should be made to visit Eton as part of the Prevent strategy, but that might be a bit too controversial in the present climate. Free health care is another thing we all want to preserve, however unlikely it now seems with mass immigration and steady corporate privitisation. The sad thing is, free health care and free education have probably gone the way of free speech.

Tax evasion is probably Corbyn’s strongest point, but who thinks he’ll make the corporations pay their fair share? Can anyone stop the wealthy having all the fun? I doubt it, don’t you? I do know one thing though, all of these high tax Marxists own several properties in and around the London area and claim 2nd home tax allowances/expenses. Nice work if you can get it.

The downside with Jezza is also pretty obvious. If, say North Korea did something mental, would you fancy him in charge? Would he do anything at all to combat Islamic terrorism and mass immigration? Would he destroy the economy with free shit and philanthropy at the expense of the British worker? Would every left wing loon get a top job for life again like in the seventies? Would he sell us out to the EU over Brexit? Unlikely in my opinion as Corbyn has never liked EU superstate either – odd for a commie. He’s got that Tony Benn like animosity towards them. He might have even got a better deal for the UK than the Tories. Who knows?  The one thing I do know is, Corbyn would bankrupt the country and open the doors.


There have been many miscalculations by the Globalists, the big one being the reaction to their Neo-Liberal wars and the following mass exodus from those newly acquired land resources.

Another was the self destructiveness of Islamic extremism and its effect on wider society. Something that was becoming an ever increasing burden on European governments and its people. There they were, confident that their propaganda machine. the main stream media. would do its job and mold public opinion – the once respected and trusted BBC is now the epicenter of Fake News and appears to be the EU’s main broadcast network.

So with an arrogance born out of avarice and the inevitable complacency that comes with it, they continued on their merry way and completely underestimated the will of us, the ordinary people. They ostensibly, and to all intents and purposes, appeared completely oblivious to the possibility of defeat and their own inevitable downfall.

As for the EU itself, it is now a mortally wounded leviathan, and just like every other monstrous regime that has come before, its downfall had already begun before its leaders had smelt the coffee. The EU has [literally] fiddled while Paris has burned. The instruments of power had failed. They’d lost control of the Narrative. No one trusted their mouthpieces, the main stream news media. The grand old Bilderberg plan had gone tits up and had started to crumble. The EU has begun to look more and more like an island in a sea of ideological isolation. The leaders of Europe have far fewer friendly backs to pat and hands to shake, as we saw at the G8.

Who and where are the European Union’s [or as it’s better known around the world, Greater Germany’s] allies? Trump’s America? Erdogan’s Turkey? The middles East? Russia? China? Israel? ok, maybe we can give them Justin Trudeau’s, Canada lol. They certainly can’t include us [the UK] that’s for sure! Not after the Brexit negotiations kicked off with tactics more akin to a blackmailer’s ransom note than those of democrats accepting a democratic decision.

Chaos and Clowns

The journey to this destination point has been a thrilling one. From the Globalists first mistake when they let Britain keep the Pound and thus a semblance of our national identity to the banking collapse and the wars in Syria and Libya. The writing was already on the proverbial wall. Europeans have lost their identities, currencies and control of their independence. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are broke and the French and Germans have collapsed into non identity, Indentitarianism [I think I’ve just made that word up, but you get me].

National flags are now only tolerated at sporting events and laws are misused to silence law abiding citizens. Add all that together and you have more than enough reasons to want to escape this totalitarian hellhole.

It’s my belief that the Globalists have now decided to try and wait it out until 2020 and see what happens in the US, because with Clinton’s defeat went the last real chance of saving their pet project.

There were many reasons Brexit happened, and obviously two of the biggest were the sheer indomitable tenacity of Nigel Farage, and the effect that social media and the internet has had on peoples ability to transfer and express independent ideas and thoughts. Add to that the collapse of trust in the MSM and hey presto!! Chaos!!!

We the people have simply lost faith in the political institutions that have worked so feverishly against us. Government is a clown show and the vast majority of politicians are dripping in ideological nothingness. I guess that’s how we’ve ended up where we are and why we still don’t know where we’re going.

Our institutions have failed us. Our politicians have failed us. The system has failed us. The streets aren’t safe anymore, the future looks grimmer and we are sick to death of our opportunities and prospects disappearing up the arse of some fat cat bastard globalist. We are also fed up of witnessing the disintegration and segregation of our once cohesive societies. We know who these bloodsucking Vampires are, and we know why they are doing it.

Halcyon Days

What many of us now want is nothing less than out of the single market and the European court. The return of all our fishing waters and complete control of our borders. The best way to achieve this in my opinion is, with the idea of “Trumpism”, the idea that you just have to keep going in knowledge that you know you are right.

A Tory party led by someone like Jacob Rees Mogg or Boris is probably the best and only way the Tories could provide the British people with a strong Brexit party. If they fail, a new party could/will be born and social media will be its voice… and let’s be fair here, the Tory leadership pool isn’t exactly bristling.

Where the Right undeniably does lead the way, is online. They definitely have the best writers, commentators and satirists and online is where the conversation is happening. We know social media was a major element in the phenomenons of Brexit and Trump and I think Theresa May should have taken more note of what mattered to this new movement, but surely it’s too late now for a Tory party that ignores all of its best commentators. The Tory party May have had its day. It May even be beyond rescue?

With the Labour party at its most Marxist since the days of Militant and Red Robbo, now is the perfect opportunity, to pick it all up, throw it all up in the air and see where it all lands. We might even be back to the halcyon days where revolution lingers for any failure to achieve.

Could Brexit be sabotaged? I really don’t believe so, somethings are just unstoppable. History is back in the hands of the people in Britain and America and where we go next is pretty much up to us. In Europe it’s a different story. We all know who’s in charge of the Union of Neo-Liberal States in Europe.. AND IT AIN’T THAT FRENCH POODLE.


p.s keep an eye out for Phase-3 of the Fake News era..


This blog is a follow up to A Very British Coup.



The Onset of Inevitability. World War III



“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Albert Einstein


With conflict happening on every continent on the planet, many see the possibility of a third world war with many potential flash points around the globe. Here I endeavor to make sense of the potential outcomes and possible scenarios.

A 3rd World War is coming… it’s inevitable.

Who will it be with and where will it start?

The potential initial battle grounds are…

  • The North Korean peninsula.
  • The Middle East. (Turkey/Iran)
  • Europe.
  • The Baltic states.
  • The South China Sea.

Lets look at the contenders…

  1. North Korea is the current favourite with its diminutive and completely Mad dear leader doing something totally mental, like firing a missile at an American warship.
  2. China caught in the middle of an ideological conflict between totalitarianism and capitalism ends up losing the plot and starts a conflict over the islands in the south China sea.
  3. An all out war against fundamentalist Islamic ideology.
  4. A war with a totalitarian dictatorship like Turkey that has US nukes on its land.
  5. Iran – which is already ruled by a dangerous theocratic dictatorship – starting a war with a neighboring country like Saudi.
  6. Saudi Arabia attacks Iran.
  7. The last obvious potential shot at war is with the MSM’s favourite bad guys, the Russians… but this is a Russia ruled by a highly intelligent, charismatic and communicative leader [Putin] who rarely does anything stupid.
  8. Lastly, how about this one for a quantum leap… a war started in Europe by Germany and German expansionism that leads to the 4th Reich and a repeat of history.

Possible scenarios

  1. An ideological war begins with a major attack on Europe or the US by terrorists.
  2. Fighting breaks out at the Turkish migration bottleneck and the West intervenes.
  3. An attack on Iran by Turkey or Saudi in the quest for ethnic dominance.
  4. North Korea try to attack US forces and have some success leading to an over proportional and overwhelming response from the US.
  5. China attacks Japan or vice versa over land disputes in the South China sea and the US get involved.
  6. Russia does something completely self destructive and attacks the West. Maybe a Globalist perpetrated false flag blamed on Russia, by and with collusion from the main stream media? It’s worked before.
  7. The out of the box theory, that German arrogance and influence in Europe leads to it declaring governance over the continent – a quite possible scenario actually.

Countries by Military Expenditure (2014)
Source:  Wikipedia/ The International Institute for Strategic Studies

    Terror Storm

    With many probable catalysts, conflict could start anywhere from Europe to the Middle East. A single massive atrocity or multiple attacks by an ever expanding fundamentalist Islamic death cult on a civilian population that leads to a populist uprising or a plain old clash of civilisations. I lead with this, because this is the number one threat.

    At present it seems that religious freedom is the freedom to practice hate and the silencing of dissent whilst enjoying the protection of state institutions. That never ends well for the academics who at this time seem to be leading the vanguard. As in the dark ages, the protection of religion from derision and debate is derived from the fear of violence. Reason can only prevail when theocratic nonsense is opened up to rigorous debate and even ridicule. Fact. The fear of tackling what’s written in the Quran, Hadith’s and Sira has paralysed politicians everywhere – well all except one – so there will be no solution to the problem that’s ripping our societies apart until something changes drastically. If there is a civil war, this will be the catalyst. The problem is, too many Muslims want to be just like Mohammed and he wasn’t that nice a chap.

    Another top contender for religiously motivated worldwide catastrophe, is an attack on Iran that draws in all countries in the region and eventually the West. Or an attack on the Saudi city of Mecca or Saudi Arabia by Turkey or Iran. You think that’s preposterous? Don’t bet on it!! Erdogan see’s himself as potential Emperor of the Middle-East and Arabia and has always had deep suspicion and probable hatred of the Saudi’s.. and in his present fervor-ed state I wouldn’t put it past him to press a few buttons.  Whatever happens, any attack on the Saudi’s by Turkey/Iran or vise versa would definitely kick things off. Maybe Iran is as bad as many say and they do attack their arch enemies, the Saudis?  Who knows? There is a potential I suppose, but I doubt it very much. The one major difference with Iran being, that whilst ostensibly pursuing its interests and influence aggressively in the region, Iran has never actually started a war.

    Turkey is the big imponderable in all this. If the cult of Erdogan isn’t curtailed soon, the downfall or destruction of Turkey is imminent. For Erdogan see Robespierre, hopefully. Taking all things into account, it seems, the overwhelmingly obvious head on collision awaiting the world is the one between Islams barbaric ideological doctrine and human progress.

    Kim Jog-on and N.K. Nukes

    A North Korean missile attack is almost a given and probably will happen sooner rather than later. However this one plays out, the outcome will be tragic for the Korean people in the short, medium and long term. In the immediate term the North Korean dynastic regime must be stopped before they have the capability of nuking the world.

    So by my reckoning that gives us about 2 years to sort this mess out. It’s also far from certain whether it would be a limited conflict that’s confined to the region. The minute Kim Jong-un readies a Nuke the first bombs will hit and North Korea will disintegrate into chaos and anarchy.

    There’s only one fearless Braggadocio who can bring Rocket Man to his knees and we all know who that is… The Donald.

    How the Chinese let this play out will also be another crucial aspect in any outcome. Chinese cooperation or noncooperation over North Korea could also be a factor in the south China sea scenario if these two flashpoints were ever to coincide. Land disputes have always been a good excuse for a punch up, but surely this one will be solved diplomatically. Banzai !!!

    World’s Largest Arms Exporters (2012-2016)
    Source:  Wikipedia

      Those Damned Russians

      The Russians hacked the world is one the most laughable and ludicrous main stream media hoaxes ever perpetrated on an ever diminishing band of gullible adherents. It’s become the go to ‘safe space’ for every Golgafrinchan and establishment owned main stream media journalist. There is only one country capable of hacking the world you mugs and we all know who that is… we also know they already do.

      The NSA and the rest of the gang can hack anyone and anything on the planet. No one and nothing is safe from their ever expanding operation… but hey, the Russians hacked the election! It’s a joke! No doubt it won’t be long before Hillary is unhooked from life support [again] and babbling on about Trump’s plots with Russians, Comey and Wikileaks. All whilst being smiled at intently by some sycophantic knob-jockey.

      The reality of the Russian threat is of course very different. They don’t subscribe to the globalist Bilderberg agenda. They’ve been a major factor in discrediting Neo-Liberalism and Globalism worldwide. They’ve even become the one safe sanctuary for whistleblowers. Russia is a very patriotic European country with a great culture and a resoluteness to hardship. This is a bear that’s best left sleeping.

      Western leadership has been so woeful for at least thirty years that it/they has/have made Putin look like the smart guy. I think by now the vast majority of us know that ‘Russia hacked the election’ is at best a distraction by an ever fearful establishment and at worst, a lust for worldwide destruction. The smart move by Trump would be to invite Russia into the NATO alliance. Think of the Liberal meltdown it would cause..

      The true positive to come out of all this of course is that in their desperation to deceive, the establishment have fatally exposed their main mechanism of control. The Fake News Main Stream Media. Personally I doubt that anyone in their right mind, or free from mind control, thinks that Russia will start a conflict with the West. Eventually, and with a less intellectually cloned leadership, we will come to understand the benefits of Russian cooperation and friendship. I’m one of those who hopes Trump and Putin DID collude before the election and I hope they did it in an effort to save the western world.

      Domination of, or destruction of Europe

      Last up is the not so ludicrous proposition that German domination of Europe – which is already very worrying – leads to conflict. Haven’t we been here before?  The Germans already dominate Europe’s financial and banking institutions as well as being its largest manufacturer. Now they dominate the EU politically at the highest level with Germans and German stooges in almost every top job.

      British leaders “already” know that Brexit negotiations depend solely on what Merkel and co are prepared to accept. Europe’s leaders and nations are “already” waking up to the reality of German expansionism and political dominance. When you add to that the AfD’s predictable surge in the upcoming German election, one can only guess at the chaos lying ahead for Europe and the EU.  So before we disregard historical precedent altogether, I suggest Europeans make contingency plans for the predictable chaos and anarchy that awaits. However unlikely a 4th Reich may be, what is far more conceivable is the threat that social upheaval and continued terrorism leads to economic collapse and civil war.

      At present Europe is part of the biggest ever social experiment ever conducted on whole populations. It’s bigger even than Nazism or Communism. It’s called Cultural Marxism and as far as I can see, it’s only going to end one way. While the free Ferry service from Libya to Italy/Africa to Europe continues to carry record passenger numbers and NGO’s continue to vigorously promote the routes, the numbers will increase and the divisions will grow wider and wider. Europe never learns. Europeans always lose. Europe desperately needs a visionary leader and the last time they had one of those was…

      World’s Largest Arms Importers (2012-2016)
      Source:  Wikipedia



        The three most likely threats are… A war with an Islamic country i.e Iran/Saudi/Turkey kicks off and escalates into worldwide conflict. North Korea really does have a capable nuke and uses it. Conflict breaks out on the continent of Europe when societal chaos becomes a mass uprising.

        The three most obvious questions are…

        Will evolution win?

        How comes wiping shit out is what humans are most successful at?

        Maybe that’s our ultimate purpose..?

        Do you agree? Is World War III inevitable?

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        A Very British Coup

        Many things created the Trump phenomenon, but the British tipped the balance.

        A Trump had been coming for a long time. The vast majority of people are sick and tired of lying politicians and corruption in public life. Add to that the utter disappointment of Obama and a charismatic straight talking non conformist and you have a recipe for rebellion. Some deep state think tank should have predicted this outcome, at least that’s what I imagined they do with all the power and money they have. I won’t bore you with the reasons for Trump’s win, we all know them and people like Paul Joseph Watson explain that far better than I can. I want to look at how he won.

        My point is this, David Cameron’s an idiot as we all know and it was his monumental miscalculation in naming the date of the referendum as June 2016 instead of in 2017 as was originally planned that led to President Donald J Trump’s landslide victory. Firstly it was 6 months before the US election instead of 6 months after and secondly, the 17, 410, 742 hero’s that went out there and defied all the odds to deliver Brexit gave the western world the strongest indication yet that a massive political and ideological shift was taking place. Trump being Trump was quick to recognise this fact whilst the political establishment hit total denial mode and proceeded to trot out the usual training manual political bull. The fact was inescapable though, the Trump campaign had received the massive boost it needed and the Hillary haters and people who wouldn’t normally bother voting became inspired to change history and defy the Globalist elite who were wrecking their societies. So in summary, an Etonian half wits inept cock up along with the good old British public’s eye for an opportunity triggered a generation of millennial’s and changed everything. Donald J Trump was handed the US election on a plate and Cameron’s career became justifiably destined for after dinner circuit. Happy days.

        What’s next?

        Maybe now CNN can stop blaming the Russians and Hillary Clinton can accept she was never the public’s choice [that was Bernie] and crack on with trying to reach the next glass ceiling. If she doesn’t disappear quietly, she may well bury herself in her own bullshit. As for Trump, he’s a man who – whatever you may think of him – is shaking the old political order to the core. No one in their right mind thinks he’s doing it for the money. This is a man who ran and won with a belief that he alone could save America. Trump’s supporters idolise him and they will defend him whatever, because before them they see a man who will deliver exactly what he promised. On the other hand Trump’s enemies will never accept him. They will try every day to destroy him. The MSM will distort everything he does to such an extent they will no doubt destroy themselves in the process. For every Fake News bomb they throw, Trump will walk from the smoke like a man reborn. It all seems so obvious and predetermined you wonder if there isn’t some hidden hand at work. The fact is, Trump will be judged, but not by the Fake News Media. He’ll be judged by a more engaged public than there’s been in many years. Winston Churchill once said, “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” let’s see how Trump does. If he pardons Assange, and Sessions “locks her up”, I for one will be more than happy with that.

        The real battle is just starting and anyone who fucks with Trump or Brexit will ultimately be destroyed.


        * This is a follow up to last year’s Viva la Revolution.


        Standing by the edge of the world


        “I don’t think it’s possible to have a sense of tragedy without having a sense of humour.”
        Christopher Hitchens


        “I’m throwing stones at your glass house. I call your name and watch you turn around.”

        Who’s really pulling the strings? How can so few own so much? What is the truth if the truth is not allowed? Why are some lives more important than others? How did we end up here? Who needs all this information?

        “I’m walking wide awake across the Rubicon”

        WHOOSH !!

        Down the rabbit hole.

        “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

        “I don’t know where I’ve been, I’ve woken up with you.
        I don’t know what it means, or what I’m gonna do.
        I think I may have seen two worlds collide into…
        Your inner most dreams, an absolute taboo.”

        What is real and what is illusion? Are facts a fiction? Is everything beyond anyone’s control? Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Can the future offer hope?

        “What do you do when every thing you knew was wrong?”

        Why is everything built on a lie? Can you trust anything you can’t see? Do we really know how the world works?  Does every decision create a new reality? Is our universe a construct of our own imagination?

        “Building monuments to love’s shattered pride, while confirming it through satellites.”

        Is science fact? Is superstition nonsense? Is mathematics a universal law? Is the soul the manifestation of wishful thinking? Does good conquer evil? Who explains to the idiot? Is there some way out of here?

        “Like a narrator who has lost his lines, I come down from the big sky.”

        Is god whatever you want him or she to be? Does god have ears? Will god ever manifest? What does god offer the victor? Why do so many of us seem to be in gods way? Does god even care?

        “There wasn’t anything left to judge, not a single memory of a thing called love.”

        Are we inevitably condemned to extinction? Are the Earths resources infinite? Is equilibrium actually a thing? Is there even a chance in hell that we’ll make it to the stars? Has the end already began? Is that the fat lady singing?

        “We’re falling down… but we’re not innocent.”

        Can anything be changed? Is everything already written? Is sufferance a program? Is there actually a point to any of this? How can we change the world when we can’t change ourselves? Should we even try?

        “Each time it’s falling towers.
        Each time it’s more insane.”

        Are we an intermediary species paving the way for something better? Will we destroy everything? Is A.I. humanities only future? How can technology respect life? Are we in a race against time? Is the one eyed man king yet?

        “So are you just a machine?
        Can you figure it out?
        Are you just a machine?
        Are you feeling it now?
        Are you just a machine?
        Are your systems corrupt?
        Are you just a machine?
        Hard wired to love.”

        Are humans really capable of love? Is it only our desires we love? Can love be created? Is love a state of confusion? And what’s love got to do with it?

        “You should have listened to your head
        Instead of thinking with your heart.”

        Will history forever repeat? Will there be anything left to save? Who’ll feed the ducks when we’re gone?

        “If you can’t look forward then you can’t look back
        If there’s nothing that you need then there’s nothing that you had.”

        These are just some of the concepts and inspirations that went into the writing, recording and production of Finishing Line  An album that asks questions but gives no answers. The road is discovered by the walker. The mood is set by the sound. We are the thief who fed the wolf.  We are the tramp dancing in the rain. Instructions not included.

        See you at the Finish Line.




        Viva la Revolution

        “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”

        Che Guevara

        Our political system is a product of years of democratic evolution that has been built on grass roots support and class warfare. Politics was invented to control Kings and express the wishes of the people. Every so often the scales tip one way and one persuasion or other gets the upper hand. Very occasionally it tips so far one way that there can only ever be one outcome. Rebellion.

        An apathy towards the masses anger and an ignorance of the consequences of division is allowing this to became a new modern day reality. Is it unconstrained and rampaging? Yes, pretty much. Give it time and the same steady course and it will become a tumult. For as is said and as is true, it really only ever comes down to one thing, consent. A consent less and less of us are subscribing to. Just as we all instinctively know that these people no more represent us than do the stakeholders of JP Morgan, their detachment becomes our detachment. Take for example the way politicians still claim expenses even after all the scandals. They are literally laughing in our faces. The Lords is full of freeloaders and sycophants who cling on to their EU perks like the poor cling on to their children. Add that to the links our political leaders have to businesses that profit out of globalism along with the sell off of our culture and history and you have an act of plunder on the grandest of scales. Red, Blue, Yellow, it doesn’t matter, they all feed from the same trough. Socialism and Blairism still infests Labour. The Etonian’s still own the land and the Tories. While the Liberals have always betrayed any principles they supposedly had for a taste of power.

        In the quest for justification we’ve ended up with an epidemic of blame aimed towards the very people who’ve fought and died for their piece of land for generations. The most privaleged of the elite will continue to denigrated the best and wisest of us with every ‘ist’ in the book. They will continue to call decent people thought  criminals – it’s their only play. They will continue relentlessly denigrating history and achievment as evil and bad. They can’t and won’t stop. They are the Zombies in every ‘outbreak’ movie. These people are the talking heads who have all the right connections, but no connection to anything or anyone other than money and power.

        Had enough yet? Well, all that could be about to change with David Cameron’s announcement of an EU referendum in June this year. We now have a chance to change things and shake the foundations of the globalist elite. The bank bailouts showed us it is an ‘us and them’ society and that the elite will always be saved from ruination while the poor and working class are sacrificed. The elite will always come first, especially with a Cameron led Tory government. So what can we do? It’s obvious. A simple vote for Brexit and that will probably lead to president Trump (the real deal) and Trump is our last-chance-saloon to save western civilisation and regain control of our countries. You only get one chance!

        We know resistance is out there, we’ve all been seeing it and talking about it for a long time – At this point I have to graciously thank the idiot Cameron who’s vanity and intellectual ineptitude have persuaded him to call an early EU Referendum in two months. I am convinced this is the single biggest mistake in the history of establishment control. An error of such magnitude and monumental proportions it will lead to Brexit, President Trump, the collapse of the EU gravy train and the reemergence of patriotic right wing politics – Now we have our chance, and Brits love a fighting chance. It’s in our DNA.

        The icing on the cake will of course be the loss of power and financial resources for the tyranical EU (now watch how dirty these globalist bastards fight) there’ll also be a thriving independent nation bang on their doorstep. Happy days.

        What will Brexit and Trump lead to? My guess is the ruination of the dishonest mainstream news networks and traitorous politicians who sold their souls and countries to globalism and cultural dystopia. They’ve had their time. It’s gonna be carnage. They will be cast out into the political wilderness, but only after one hell of a fight. Dragged kicking and screaming.

        Who knows!? Its gonna be a turbulent few years ahead for some, but there’s one thing I instinctively believe. Everything’s about to change! Brexit will lead to Trump and Trump will change the world. No one and no group will be able to stop  him and his peoples revolution. They’ll try and they’ll fail… and then they’ll cry.

        In conclusion: You have no idea of the fun filled ride ahead. Revel in your time.

        “The net’s gonna break, the earth’s gonna shake
        That’s all it’s gonna take to cure the world.”






        Michael Hastings ‘Death of a Hero’

        “No price is too high to pay for the privilege
        of owning yourself.”

        Friedrich Nietzsche

        Michael Hastings was one of the few journalists to live up to the title Investigative Journalist. A man who I personally admired for his non adaption to the mainstream media’s globalist tap dance. A man who went after the mighty and the powerful. A man who was investigating the director of The CIA at the time of his death. A man who’s demise happened during the early hours of the morning when the car he was driving suddenly exploded after hitting a tree at less than forty miles an hour, hurling its engine 50 yards up the road.

        Listen to this fascinating insight by (one of Protective Fences favourite independent journalists and commentators) James Corbett, into the man behind the stories. 42 minutes of explanations and information that will make many suspect he was eliminated by dark forces of the deep state who fear the truth and exposure. Especially from a mainstream journalist with a reputation for accuracy and digging deep. A man who spoke out loud and clear on a range of topics from, journalistic complicity in propaganda and fake news to state secrecy and the Middle East wars. A man who spoke without fear or favour to either side of the political spectrum or fear for his own personal safety.

        To die at the age of 33 is tragic in any circumstances. It would be so much worse if Michael’s death was the result of a nefarious conspiracy to silence one man exposing the truth about a corrupt state power or institution. It is often the case when so many respected independent scribes are shouting “Something Smells” that nine times out of ten it does. When they then go on to prove that its possible to hack every aspect of a modern car, including all its main functions, steering, brakes, speed and even the ‘On/Off switch -and the CIA have such tech- that smell becomes a stench. So, on that troublesome thought, I’d just like to say

        “RIP Michael and may your legacy be to inspire more courage and less collusion in all the worlds would be and existing journalists.”


        Thanks again to James Corbett.
        Transcript and sources: The Corbett Report