Talking Heads


If you love this place called earth
For all your worth you don’t come first
And those enabled by what they’ve heard
Come on speak up let’s change this world

The Duchess is on the news
The system is being abused
Our government is excused
While The Duchess is on the news

Talk to the dead
Or walk away
Talking heads
Justify what you say!

We can see there is a virus in the White house
No O M G what’s going down
We can see there is enough that reminds us
These fucks run free in crazy town!

Do you cherish this mortal coil
The life that lives on its precious soil
Then don’t be shameful and hold your voice
The corrupt untouched have made their choice

Who can want this elitist greed
Where one clique has all they need
To all those careful to hoard their wealth
You could show love and change yourself