The Band Banned by Twitter


Imagine this scenario…


You’ve spent 8 years pouring your whole life into a body of work that’s built upon a base of philosophical sarcasm and a reprehensible enjoyment of the most transformative period in modern political history, viewed through the lens of the catalysing events of the last three years and the common sense renaissance.

The destruction of the legacy news media.

The fall from grace of the institutions of law and justice.

The obliteration of the political consensus.

The inexorable decay of three of the four pillar’s that hold society together. 

Imagine you focused all those thoughts into an inter-woven musical odyssey of love and life in today’s upside down, everything’s gone crazy, inverted world.

Imagine you built up a devoted and engaged following of many thousands of people and then one day, all that was gone! 

Your words. 

Your music. 

Your thoughts. 

Your concepts. 

Your insights into your art.  

Your freedom to think and say what is natural to you. 


All gone. 

In one second, without recourse or appeal. Not only you, but everyone associated with you. 


Wiped from the record. 

Removed from the chain.


Who could have done such a terrible thing to warrant such ostracisation? What menace to decent thought?

Are they many?

Who are these purveyors of all that is heinous and un-avowed? 

Well, let me introduce you to the band.

We are Protective Fences. The three disciples of disparity, simultaneously wiped from the devil’s arsehole that is Twitter…

Just as we are about to launch our age-defining album, ‘Extended Probability’.



Are you curious…? 

This is

Extended Probability.

A soundtrack to the events of our time.



Question everything.

Protective Fences


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